Carnival in Bonaire

Imagine a world without photography.
One could only imagine.

Berenice Abbott, American photographer



Whenever I meet people - during my travels, at public or private events - I realise that working with individuals is the most interesting discipline to me. And the most challenging as well.

  • Portraiture
  • Fashion
  • Photographic staging (e.g. 50’s, 60’s)
  • Street
Soul Man

Singer and a real Soul man


Sports events, concerts, parties, family festivities and lots of further occasions on which people meet are a treasure chest for spontaneous, yet unbiased snapshots. Who doesn’t love to see a picture and remember a great occasion? Isn’t it the striking image that attracts our attention to articles and posts?

  • Moments
  • Moods
  • Motion
Trumpet player

Trumpet player on a Jazz concert


I am always thrilled when I see the spectacular images of dedicated nature photographers. An exciting composition and the perfect light often make the difference between ordinariness and fascination. Big cities with their impressive buildings and industrial sites, preferentially old ones with wrecked plants and lots of technical equipment, are another playing field in my eyes.

  • Nature
  • Urban architecture
  • Industrial sites
Bridge at Luminale in Frankfurt am Main

Bridge at Luminale in Frankfurt am Main

About me


My name is Michael Schulte. I’m an engineer, tech addict, photographer and passionate surfer. I work as a project manager for an internationally operating event organizer. My job helps me keeping track of current technological developments. This applies to the technologies related to my professional background as well as to the way products and information is being presented. Thus I can bring inline my personal interests and skills with professional application: Web design, content management, online marketing and publishing from printed matters to mobile apps.

Photography allows me to take another view on the world - and it gives me the opportunity to relax from my daily job. I’m an amateur photographer, yes, as there are many in the field, but much to my joy I receive positive reactions on the way I image scenes. I am pleased if you like my website and one or another exemplary photo.

If you are interested in my work or want to know more about my projects, just drop me a line.

Background and timeline
2016 - today Photo projects throughout different genres
Travel, landscape, people, intense study and practice in post processing techniques
2010-2016 Private shootings with various models (female, male, boy & girl)
Fashion, 60’s, portraits..., outdoor and studio
2014 Current full-frame DSLR
Nikon D750, introduced along with an exciting safari trip to South Africa
2010 Professional training in studio photography
Fotoakademie Westfalen, Bönen, Germany
2006 First DSLR
Nikon D200, the working horse
1999-2005 Continuing education in photographic skills
Outdoor and studio photography, development of (b/w) prints in the dark room
1998 First own analogue SLR
Nikon AF601, first travel shots in Maui, Hawaii
1974 First camera
An Agfa pocket 2008, a present from my parents

Interests and benefits

Music and dancing
If you are organizing concerts or are a musician seeking for an independent photographer. Or if you like to dance and would like to have some nice pictures of how you move and perform. Let me know!
Fashion, beauty and staging
If you like to show off your current fashion outfit or if you enjoy wearing clothes of e.g. the 50’s, 60’s I’m pleased to hear from you! I specialise in portraiture.
I have a high quality demand for my own work and I’m constantly striving to improve my skills to come to best possible results.
Reliability and Independence
Mutual confidence and a clear communication are a prerequisite for a good cooperation. My reputation is very important to me. I’m responsible for my work which I do with pleasure and independent from agencies and commercial requirements.

Thank you for your visit!

I’m open to new interesting projects. Feel free to contact me.